1 Month Cure for “Useless” Dogs: Fast-Track Game, Activity & Training Program for the Perfect Dog in Just 1 Month


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The 1 Month Cure for “Useless” Dogs helps you create the dog of your dreams in only 30 days. This innovative fast-track program by canine psychology specialists Ray & Emma Lincoln features gentle and fun games and activities to shape canine minds and true, meaningful benefits with no repetitious obedience drills, silly tricks or breaking a sweat. This easy flexible program is designed for busy schedules and for “real” people and “real” dogs- including condo dwellers, busy parents, seniors and even “spoiled”, “lazy” and “hyper” dogs.
Your dog is already lovable. But how can you find positive and practical activities to do together to keep him out of mischief? The answer is easy. The 1 Month Cure for Useless Dogs stops household chaos and restores a happy dog/owner bond.
Independent canine psychology specialists Ray & Emma Lincoln have empowered dog owners and revitalized at-home dog training, starting with their comprehensive one-of-a-kind activity guide The Cure for Useless Dog Syndrome. The Cure has become a well-loved resource for every phase of dogs’ lives with innovative activities that are the gentlest, most enjoyable and most life-changing! And no other dog training or activity book has resembled The Cure until the introduction of the 1 Month Cure for “Useless” Dogs- the Lincoln’s new fast-track program to shape a better life with a better behaved dog in just 1 month!
Meant to be used on its own (or along with the Lincoln’s comprehensive activity and training books The Cure for Useless Dog Syndrome and Awesome Puppy) the fast-track 1 Month Cure quickly sets your dog up for success with thirty days of highly meaningful canine activities modified for the one month format. You will learn how to teach each of the basic commands in just one day; and that’s only the beginning. The 1 Month Cure includes thirty days of mental activities, games, dog/owner bonding, behavior shaping and easy exercise. The activities work for both dogs and puppies, and most can be modified to suit dogs with special needs. The program is also designed to accommodate every owner’s schedule, whether or not you work Monday-Friday.
Complete the carefully selected activities in the order listed and, each day, your dog should show noticeable progress. By the end of one month your dog will be trained; and you’ll also notice he’s happier, less bored and easier to live with! You can also practice the 30 + activities at any time. Try them all, and you’ll find that working with your dog is fun, and dogs like yours are anything but useless!
(If you already own a copy of The Cure for Useless Dog Syndrome or Awesome Puppy and enjoy the activities, you may also want a 1 Month Cure. In the 1 Month Cure, you’ll find similar activities modified and structured to fit various schedules and days of the week, so you can conveniently review the skills your dog has learned anywhere, at any time. This concise 1 month format works especially well for on-the-go, on phones, e-book readers and other portable devices. And, if you and your dog complete the 1 Month Cure and want more, pick up the Lincoln’s books Awesome Puppy and The Cure for Useless Dog Syndrome. These are in-depth comprehensive guides with hundreds of games and activities- along with training theory- to keep any formerly “useless” dog busy for a lifetime!)






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1 Month Cure for "Useless" Dogs: Fast-Track Game, Activity & Training Program for the Perfect Dog in Just 1 Month


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